An Integrated Environment for Model Development, Compilation and Administration

Imagine you would like to create a Modelica model.

Imagine being able to concentrate on how to establish your equations, parameters and connections and not needing to care about how to organize your folders and where to place your code.

Imagine having an editor that actually assists you in your work instead of holding you back.

Imagine having a working environment that allows concurrent collaborative engineering, one that helps you build and manage variants of your system, one that keeps track of your development process, not only by version control, but also by means of task and application lifecycle management.

Imagine working independent of any specific Modelica solver, concentrating on your models, and solving them by any simulator available, comparing results from different tools and solvers, and exploiting the strength of Modelica: it‘s tool independence!

To make it short: Imagine you had an integrated development environment for Modelica. If you want to stop imagining these things and want to use them in your work, OneModelica is for you.


  • Fast Modelica model development
  • Linking of models
  • Project management
  • Code completion
  • Abstract views on Modelica documents
  • Refactoring
  • Multiple solvers

OneModelica allows you to organize your Modelica models in "Projects" that offer places for your source code, the models you simulate and experiments, i.e. the results you get from your simulations. In that way, all your models are stored in the same structure which keeps them consistent. You can reference projects among each other such that you can use components from one project in another. This makes it easy to maintain your models in an object-oriented way — after all, that is one of the key features of the Modelica language. Through wellknown versioning systems, you can easily share your projects with your co-workers and even work on one model simultaneously.

While you write your code, OneModelica assists you in many ways. The editor displays syntax errors while you type and it offers code completion. This enables you to create long component declarations very fast. Since the editor also gives you feedback when you are referencing non-existing classes, your declarations are easier to maintain. OneModelica allows you to navigate through your classes by using simple keyboard short-cuts. An outline view helps you to navigate through single classes. You are not happy how you named a parameter? No problem, OneModelica has a renaming function such that you can rename a parameter at one line and its name is changed wherever it occurs in the class.

If you are using components from other libraries you can look at their documentation in a special view such that you always know the component’s properties.

Once your model is finished, OneModelica offers you the possibility to extract it in a library. This gives you the possibility to pass on your model with all necessary components. You can include your own libraries as well as the Modelica standard library or purchased libraries such that you can benefit from a whole range of existing models while creating your own.

In summary, OneModelica allows you to do what you do best: using your engineering skills to display physical relationships in Modelica. The powerful editor gives you the possibility to create your models in a fast, convenient and fail-safe way. The project structure allows you to keep your code organized and in touch with your simulation results. Give it a try and be convinced!

OneModelica heavily benefits from the rich set of Eclipse® tools for concurrent collaborative engineering.

Modelica models and results can easily be shared in teams with version control, variant building and support for conflict management. Get productive with your preferred version control System, be it CVS, SVN or GIT.

Thanks to the Mylyn® integration, OneModelica comes with a full task and application lifecycle management framework. One- Modelica lets you share tasks and models within your team on numerous platforms, like TRAC® or Rational Clear Quest®. With the library import and export functionality, you may also provide unchangeable models to your colleagues and customers.

As an Eclipse® offspring, OneModelica comes with the de facto standard development environment for almost all modern computer languages. Controller design with C, process automation with Java®, requirements engineering following the ReqIF standard, whatever your use case may be, OneModelica provides the one integrated development environment for you.

You do not like to be bound to one specific Modelica solver? License costs are breaking your bank but you still want to provide every engineer with the same tool set for model simulation?

OneModelica makes it possible since it integrates diverse solvers for your use. You can rely on well-tested tools like Dymola and OpenModelica and still develop your models in a more convenient development environment. And even better: You can compare the simulation results of the solvers against each other and thereby be certain that the results are correct. For that OneModelica provides a plot view where you can analyze the results directly and do not have to start one of the solver environments.

Another benefit is that you can use the project management and libraries while OneModelica takes care of preparing the data to fit the solver’s needs. This allows you to combine the strengths of a modern IDE with the power of advanced Modelica solvers.

Tired of using software that tries to reinvent the wheel? OneModelica builds on well tested and widely used technology and thereby profits from high quality and long-lasting maintenance. Implemented as an Eclipse plug-in, OneModelica profits from modern model-driven technologies like the Eclipse Modeling Framework and Xtext for domain specific languages. By using open and customizable development technologies, the open language standard Modelica fits perfectly into this environment. Building the editor for Modelica models based on the technologies described above has the benefit of automatically participating in enhancements provided by future updates. At this point the Eclipse Framework comes into play again, as an automatic update mechanism is provided. Hence you can easily benefit from future enhancements with minimal effort.

Windows is not your favorite operating system? Never mind! OneModelica is implemented in Java and therefore can be used with various operating systems like Linux or Mac OS. Best of all: You do not even have to bother with any installation routine. As long as Java is installed on your system you only need to unpack OneModelica and start using it.

Still not convinced by the flexibility of OneModelica? Maybe the built-in support for the language of your choice, for example Chinese or German, is a feature that you are missing in other tools?

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